Featured State: Texas

Texas is a large state that offers opportunities for many different types of specialties. Enjoy historic areas of the Lone Star State, or visit trendier areas; Texas has something for everyone. Call a recruiter to learn more about opportunities in Texas based on your needs!

Things to Do

iStock_000024609914Small.jpgHistoric Sites

Visit places like the Alamo, and get a feel for what makes the history of Texas so unique.

iStock_000002656174Small.jpgOutdoor Activities

Hiking through areas of Texas will boast views like this one. Enjoy many outdoor activities in this picturesque state.

iStock_000039415646Small.jpgFamous Eateries

Cities like Austin are becoming world acclaimed for their restaurants. Enjoy some food from culinary masters during your travels.

iStock_000045269234Small.jpgLive Music and Events

Texas is considered the live music capital of the world. Never miss a chance to take in a show or music festival while working in Texas.


  • Receive a temporary Texas license within 10 days, and use it for a max of 120 days
  • Texas is a compact license state - compact licenses allow nurses to have one multistate license, with the ability to practice in both their home state and other party states
  • Work a 13 week travel assignment with Stat Staff and receive license reimbursement on all fees
  • Learn more about licensure in Texas and other states here