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If you're an OR or Surgical Tech and don't have your certification, you might feel like some great jobs are out of your reach. Being certified means that you have advanced knowledge in your field, can show your value to prospective employers, and keeps your skills current. In fact, most facilities today won't accept new travelers without certifications.

While all of this is great, the cost of a certification can be daunting for those considering it. That's why Stat Staff is now offering reimbursements on NCCT surgical certifications! We want you to be successful and get the jobs you've always wanted in top facilities, and we'd love to help get you there.

If you obtain your NCCT certification, we'll reimburse you full cost after you take a 13 week assignment with us! We'll reimburse you for the initial certification exam and the subsequent renewal when continuing education is complete. Don't let not having your certification hold you back any longer!

Learn more about the official NCCT exam here.

Contact us today to learn more! (518) 871-1611, or via email.


Benefits of Getting Your Surgery NCCT

Stay Ahead of the Competition 

Being certified and having any kind of advanced skill puts you ahead od the pack when it comes to job hunting. Stand out from the crowd of techslooking for the best  agency and travel jobs with a NCCT certification on your resume. Employers value those skills, and you will be in higher demand. 

Leadership Opportunities 

Certifications across any speclaity and department leads to a more advance level of knowlegde that lends itself to leadership. Enhancing your skills and your expertise goes hand in hand with the ability to lead teams, be a role model for your fellow colleagues, and leads to a promosing, exciting career. Having your NCCT makes you a great candidate for leadership positions in a healthcare facility. Talk to your recruiter about leadership opportunities!

Top Compensation 

Be compensated for your increased knowledge and skills. Stat Staff techs with their NCCT, and other advanced certifications, can work with their recruiter on higher pay packages or bonuses. Taking the time (and the work) to be certified means that you have a lot of value ot bring your patients, and we want to thank you for that.

More Assignment Options 

Techs with their NCCT have more options for places to travel and they types of assignments they are eligible for. With your certification, you recruiter can help guide you to assignments in New York or across the country, opening you up to a world of assignment possibiilities. 

Better Patient Care 

When you have up-to-date skills in your profession, you pave the way to a greater patient experience, better patient care, and healthier communities all around. Being certified means you contribute to the overall success of our hospitals and the patients you serve.

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Eligibility and Information

In order to receive reimbursement for your NCCT exam/certification please note the following:

  • New employees who need to obtain NCCT certification (or a renewal thereof) in order to work for us will be eligible for reimbursement upon completion of their first 13 week assignment and must be an active, full-time employee thereafter.  

  • If an employee is rehired, the same rules will apply and they will become eligible again after completion of assignment.  Reimbursement will only apply to new employees who  need to obtain certification (or a renewal thereof) in order to work for us.

  • It is the responsibility of employees to maintain credentials that are required for employment.  Reimbursement will cover up to $155.00 for the NCCT exam and $77.00 for renewal once the 14 CE credits are complete. 

  • The reimbursement will be handled as a straight reimbursement through payroll. Request should be submitted no later than 30 days after completion of the first contract.


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