Why Stat Staff?

Through collaboration and hard work, we turn staffing challenges into opportunities that drive change.

 When Stat Staff first opened its doors over a decade ago, our CEO David Theobald was a Registered Nurse working ICU while staffing local hospitals. With just his personal cell phone, he interviewed, screened, and staffed a small staff of nurses working local per diem. Since then, our organization has grown to a full administrative team, working with nurses from all backgrounds and specialties to find them their dream jobs and solve staffing issues for our facility clients.

Since our founding in 2003, Stat Staff Professionals has been a key resource for facilities of all sizes across New York State, finding quality candidates that fill staffing gaps and work cohesively with existing staff. With a commitment to, and passion for, healthcare built-in to the core of our organization, we offer solutions that consider patient care the priority. 

Our Solutions

Pre-screening and credentialing of top candidates
Efficient staffing of contracts and per diem
Consolidated payroll and billing for all shifts
Vendor management programs
Dedicated and experienced Account Managers

Nurse Spotlight

Kristina R., Medical Surgical
Stat Staff Nurse for 4 Years

Kristina, like her fellow Stat Staff nurses, is a highly skilled caregiver with years of experience providing excellent patient care. A loyal employee, she has been with the company for over four years, and currently works per diem.

Nurses like Kristina add experience and quality care to your existing team in a flexible way. Using per diem nurses allows your facility to support your current staff, trial a nurse before hiring full time, or filling a last-minute need.

7+ years of RN experience

Joint Commission Compliant

Dynamic and Compassionate

Employee of the Month, 2012

Add highly skilled and experienced nurses like Kristina to your team

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