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Jess' background in the law industry gives her a keen eye for details and policies. As Account Manager, she matches qualified employees to open needs, maintains positive relationships with facility and department managers, and oversees contracts for subcontractors. Jess has her AAS in Paralegal Studies and is currently pursuing her BT in Legal Studies. We are also proud to announce that she is the first person to ever become a Certified Health Care Staffing Professional (CHP). In the whole world. Jess is also a lefty…and proud of it!

Hometown: Brockport, NY

Favorite Place in Saratoga: Congress Park

Must-Watch TV Show: Curious George with my son

Why I Work at Stat Staff: I want only the best nurses for my son so I want to work at a place that provides them!



The ASA Certified Health Care Staffing Professional program features rigorous content focused on employment and labor law at the federal level for health care staffing and recruiting professionals. It is the essential credential for health care staffing professionals, certifying their expertise to work with both employees and clients within the bounds of federal laws and regulations.