If you're a new employee with Stat Staff, we'll give you an iPad mini when you sign-on for a contract with us! All you have to do is take one of our awesome contracts, meet the terms below, and the iPad is yours!

Plus, get a $500 referral bonus if you refer a friend to one of our contracts and you're a new employee with Stat Staff! Or, get $250 for referring a friend to a per diem need. Refer your friend today!






 New Employee Bonus Terms

  • The below terms must be met in order to be eligible to receive an iPad mini
  • New Employee must take a contract assignment at a minimum of 4 weeks in length. New employees taking per diem assignments or working a specific per diem shift are not eligible
  • "New employee" is defined as anyone that has previously never taken a contract or per diem shift with Stat Staff Professionals. Any person who has worked any amount of hours, per diem or contract for Stat Staff, is considered a previous or current employee and is not eligible for this bonus program
  • iPad mini is awarded to caregiver after successful completion of the contract. Successful completion is defined as any assignment in which the caregiver has maintained required compliance, has had no attendance violations including excessive call-offs, and is based on the result of facility performance evaluations
  • New Employee Bonus program is in effect as of June 23rd, 2014. Any contracts signed previous to this date are not eligible for the above bonus program
  • Previous and current employees are still eligible for all other bonuses as outlined on individual contracts


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