Per-Diem Positions

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Per-diem nursing allows you to earn extra income when it works best for you.

Balancing personal life and being a caregiver can be strenuous, but at Stat Staff Professionals, the opportunity to pick up shifts that fit your schedule creates the perfect work-life balance.

As a Stat Staff Caregiver, you will enjoy day one benefits, great pay, a supportive team, and exclusive incentives.  Start your journey today!

New Per-Diem Incentives

Every new per diem employee who starts an assignment between July 15, 2019, and August 31, 2019, will receive a $500.00 bonus after completion of 120 hours or ten 12-hour shifts.

This goal must be attained within 12 months of their start date.

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Per-diem FAQ

What is the difference between per-diem and contract nursing? 

Per diem nursing gives you the ability to choose how many hours you work per week and a flexible schedule. The hours are not guaranteed so there is a possibility your shift gets canceled although that does not happen often. A contract is full time (36 or 40 hrs per week depending on the specialty) and the hours are guaranteed.

What kind of flexibility does per-diem nursing provide?  

Flexibility defines what per-diem nursing is when you work for Stat Staff Professionals. You can be credentialled to work at more than one facility without making a major commitment. You choose your hours, shifts and make your own schedule. Once you build a rapport with the unit and staffing office, you can have direct contact to sign up for shifts and plan your schedule for the week or month ahead. If you are the type of person who likes to take it one day at a time, you can call to find out availability and pick up a shift the same day/night.  Some nurses like per-diem work because of the work-life balance it offers, while others like it because it allows them to gain experience at various hospitals.

How many shifts am I obligated to work if I sign on as a per-diem RN with Stat Staff Professionals?  

You are required to work 24 hours per month, which can be made up of 4, 8, or 12-hour shifts depending on your preference and facility needs.

Are benefits provided with per diem? 

Per diem nurses are able to participate in our 401k program with an employer match after 90 days of employment regardless of hours worked. When per diem nurses work an average of 30 hours per week they become eligible for full-time benefits which include health insurance, accrued paid time off, tuition and certification reimbursements, free access to United Concierge telemedicine, 401k program, and more.

How do I apply to per-diem positions?  

Apply above and you will receive a call from our recruiting team who will walk you through the steps and process. If you have references who respond right away, you can be onboarded within days of applying and start picking up shifts within a few weeks.