We believe a strong theoretical foundation built upon compassionate care, education, and experience is the basis for best practice.

A caregiver comforting a patient.

We know that nurses who understand and apply the underlying principles provide exemplary patient care and are well-positioned to become leaders in our rapidly changing healthcare system.  Clinical decisions are guided by Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring and Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expert framework for professional growth.

We adopted caring science as our model for nursing practice based upon Jean Watson’s Theory of Human Caring. Her theory emphasizes human caring processes drawn from the art and science of nursing supported by concepts from other disciplines including ethics, philosophy, ecology, and the study of mind-body-spirit.

Patricia Benner's Novice to Expert framework was selected to support continued professional development.  Her model proposes that expert nurses develop skills and understanding of patient care over time through education and a multitude of experiences, in practice and in life. 

Our caregivers embrace and apply what we believe and what evidence continues to support: that advanced education, creative problem solving, and compassionate care improve patient care experiences and health outcomes.  Working together, our goal is to care for all patients with loving-kindness, a calm authentic presence, and respect and sensitivity for individual values, practices, and beliefs.